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Carly is designing reasonable adjustments that will enable Jamal to be included in this learning activity. She has access to the support of Jamal’s team, who she can call on to assist in various ways (including commenting on the reasonable adjustments and assisting her to implement them).

In the next section, a list of reasonable adjustments that Carly may design are presented. You are asked to choose the ones that you think best align with the Social Model of Disability in supporting Jamal’s educational inclusion by considering;


Is the task is a genuine learning activity, or will it just keep Jamal busy while the other students are working?

Real learning potential

In terms of the information provided about Jamal, it is likely to help Jamal to learn about nature or address any of his ILP goals?


Will Jamal have any choice or control in the activity, or is someone else making all the decisions and directing his actions?


Do the tasks and adjustments take account of his strengths to address his learning needs?

Support for inclusion

Will Jamal be learning alongside his peers to achieve within this curriculum learning area, even if his expected level of achievement may not be the same as others in the class.



You are asked to consider the reasonable adjustments presented below in sets of 3. Your task is to decide which is the best in terms of meeting the criteria for enhancing inclusive education. In choosing the reasonable adjustment you think is the best, you may decide that some criteria may need to be sacrificed for others. For example, you may decide that in order to meet Jamal’s learning needs, aspects of inclusion may need to be sacrificed. Still, the aim of the activity is to consider which of three options in each set would be the best by being the best fit with the Social Model of Disability while also addressing Jamal’s learning needs.

Although this exercise appears as a multiple choice quiz, your responses are not being recorded. Rather, when you make a choice, you will receive feedback based on the above principles.


(Select which adjustment you think is best for each. Click either A, B or C)